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Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
bmaj_fwfloatFWHM of the major axisarcsec
bmin_fwfloatFWHM of the minor axisarcsec
bpafloatPosition angledeg
decfloatDeclination of the gaussiandeg
deconv_bmaj_fwfloatDeconvolved FWHM of the major axisarcsec
deconv_bminfloatDeconvolved FWHM of the minor axisarcsec
deconv_bpafloatDeconvolved position angledeg
err_bmajfloatError in FWHM of the major axisarcsec
err_bminfloatError in FWHM of the minor axisarcsec
err_bpafloatError in position angledeg
err_decfloatError in the declination of the gaussiandeg
err_decon_bmajfloatError in deconvolved FWHM of the major axisarcsec
err_decon_bminfloatError in deconvolved FWHM of the minor axisarcsec
err_decon_bpafloatError in deconvolved position angledeg
err_peak_fluxfloatError in the peak flux densityJy / beam
err_rafloatError in the right ascension of the gaussiandeg
err_total_fluxfloatError in the total fluxJy
err_xposfloatError in the y position of the gaussianpixels
flagintGaussian flag
gaul_idintGaussian ID from BDSM
GLIDintThe GaussianList IDentifier
is_validintManual/external flag to disqualify bad data (SuperFlag) meta.code
isl_avfloatResidual mean of the islandJy / beam
isl_rmsfloatResidual rms of the islandJy / beam
island_idintIsland ID from BDSM
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
peak_fluxfloatPeak flux densityJy / beam
rafloatRight ascension of the gaussiandeg
SIDintThe Source IDentifier meta.id
SLIDintThe SourceList IDentifier meta.id
src_avfloatResidual mean of the gaussianJy / beam
src_rmsfloatResidual rms of the gaussianJy / beam
srcnumintSource number from BDSM
total_fluxfloatTotal fluxJy
xposfloatX position of the gaussianpixels
yposfloatY position of the gaussianpixels

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